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Martial Arts Class


Kata  (i.e. form) is a series of techniques that the karateka performs against imaginary opponents. Katas include blocks, kicks, strikes, and stances. As the karateka progresses the katas typically get more complex. The purpose of kata is to develop the power, endurance and balance of the karateka.    

It is expected that every karateka can perform a specific kata according to the karateka's rank without being coached through the movements. There are several katas to learn and here is a list of katas you will be expected to know while you progress through the kyu ranks:

1) Kihon Kata (white to white-black stripe)

2) Pinan Shodan (white-black stripe to yellow)

3) Chonan (yellow to yellow-black stripe) 

4) Pinan Nidan (yellow-black stripe to orange)

5) Chikara Kata (orange to orange black stripe)

6) Pinan Sandan (orange-black stripe to green)

7) Pinan Yodan (green to blue)

8) Pinan Godan (blue to brown)

9) Kensho (brown to brown-black stripe)

10) Kushanku (brown-black stripe to shodan ho)

Kata: Hours
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