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About the Seijitsu Karate Club

Be the Best Version of Yourself

Training in karate will benefit any person who studies the art. If you put in the effort, not only will you gain more strength and stamina, but you will also improve your self-discipline, character, and respect for yourself and others.

The Seijitsu Karate Club follows the Wado-ryu style of karate. The founder of this school was Hironori Ohtsuka (1892-1982) who first studied jujitsu under his great uncle, samurai Chojiro Ebashi, and later under jujitsu grandmaster Shinzaburo Nakayama. In 1922, Ohtsuka started to train in shotokan karate under its founder, Gichen Funakoshi. By 1934, Ohtsuka founded his own school of karate called Wado-ryu (Lund, Graeme. "The Essential Karate Book" Tuttle Publishing, 2010.18-19) Wa is the Japanese word meaning "harmony", do meaning "the way towards" and ryu meaning "school".

There are three categories of training that the student will experience: waza (technique), kata (form), and kumite (free-style sparring). Conditioning and self-defense techniques will also be practiced. Beginners will focus on waza and kata only.  

So please come and discover the best version of yourself by joining the Seijitsu Karate Club. See you at the dojo!


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