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Practicing Karate

Welcome to the Seijitsu Karate Club

Where Sincerity Matters

Joining the Seijitsu Karate Club will help nurture your inner strength, enhance your self-esteem, and self-awareness. Our classes are for the students and staff of Heinsburg Community School, ages 10 and up. See you soon!

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Our Philosophy

Character, Sincerity, Effort, Etiquette, and Self-Control.

 The philosophy of the Seijitsu Karate Club is centered around the dojo kun, also known as the Five Maxims of Karate:

1) Character: Show your inner strength through a strong character.

2) Sincerity: Always practice karate with sincerity.

3) Effort: Train your mind and body with every effort possible. 

4) Etiquette: Respect yourself and others inside and outside the dojo at all times.

5) Self-Control: Always be in control of your actions. Never abuse your karate skills. If karate has to be used, it is a last resort in self-defence.  

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The Seijitsu Karate Club

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